The value of gold has proven to increase tremendously over time. There have been numerous ups and downs in the market, but even so, the trend in gold is up over time. Before you set out to get cash for your gold, make sure that you know the value of gold that you own. There are numerous factors that determine how the market affects gold, such as central banks, financial stress, the demands in the jewelry industry, emergency selling, and so on. The price of gold is set after its purity has been examined. It is necessary to know the real value and price of gold per ounce before you sell it off.

The pawn shop

A pawnshop is your best bet because you have two options at hand – “pawn” it, in other words, take a loan out on the value of your jewelry, or sell it. Jewelry often has sentimental value, especially if it is a family heirloom that has been passed down through generations. In that case, you can pawn the items and get quick cash in exchange. You can fulfill your financial obligations and pay the money back within a convenient time frame.
Deciding whether to sell or borrow against your gold and valuables is the first step. Precious metals and gold generally appreciate over time. And especially if your items have any sentimental value to you, you shouldn’t necessarily opt to sell. At Maxferd, we pay top dollar on both purchases and loans. Either way, stop in for a quote. We specialize in paying out on any type of gold and jewelry and we base our prices on the present spot price for the metal and other determining factors. You will get the best price for whatever item(s) you bring to us, regardless of condition. We make on-spot offers after evaluating the jewelry, irrespective of the fact if you are selling or pawing it.

Why Should You Choose Us?

There are numerous “Cash for Your Gold” businesses, so you might ask, why us? The simple reason is that it is hard to find a place that specializes in gold with a solid reputation. MAXFERD SINCE 1884 has the reputation you can trust. Fly by night gold buying shops are everywhere and don’t adhere to legal standards while the average pawnshops deal in a variety of general items. They operate by exchanging items for cash and reselling them. Unlike the average pawnshop, at Maxferd we have team members who are both gold specialists and qualified gemologists on board who have years of experience in evaluating gold items and elaborate jewelry items with stones of all kinds and value that reaches beyond simple gold weight. By evaluating the piece, not just the gold, we are able to offer you the highest value for your jewelry.
At Maxferd we always strive to provide our clients with the highest standards of customer service and take steps to see that there is 100% customer satisfaction. If you want to know about our current cash for gold offers please visit us and speak to a representative in person.